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The Khayas

A Stone Throw from your Dharma


A communal yet private set up

The Khayas were our most recent construction up at Tonglen.


With the help of our maintenance manager Jacob, we were able to create the area where most of our guests stay whilst on their intended workshop or retreat. 

Built with their own indoor fire places, the Khayas are your resting space for the new day ahead. 

Khaya Set Up

4 Khayas in total sleeping a total of 8 people. 

Khaya 1: Double bed &  single bed

Khaya 2: Double bed &  single bed

Khaya 3: 2 x single beds

Khaya 4: 2 x single beds



Each Khaya has their own bathroom, created out of stone found on the property. With a wood heated shower, the pure rush of spring water from the mountain sends you to a place of gratitude. 

Extention of the Khayas 

The Khayas were built for the purpose of the accommodation areas for our retreat guests. 

The beautiful rooms support whichever modality of practice you are partaking in, the below areas are situated for the convenience of our guests. 

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