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Mountain Cottage

Stone abode for family & friends



Our cottage is the quintessential stone house on the mountain. A stand alone property that provides you with that true "home away from home" feeling. 

A full kitchen with 3 bedrooms, outside shower & bath, this is where one comes to spend time in nature below the magnificent stars. 

In the Trees

In summer you will find the little dam right in front of the cottage with calls of the local frogs &  birds. 

With hectares of safe roaming space, this is the place to let yourselves run free. 


Playground & Sanctuary

Our rooms and set up are appropriate for both children & our elders (single story) as not to have to climb lots of stairs for access. 

Inter-leading rooms for the children or for friends on long weekends, the versatility of the cottage comes in handy for any occasion. 

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