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The Tonglen Prayer

Taken from the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying 

On the in-breath you breathe in with the wish to take away the suffering, and breathe out with the wish to send comfort and happiness to the same people, animals, nations, or whatever it is you decide.

When clinical psychologist Antony Tarboton bought this beautiful remote piece of land in the middle of nowhere 20 years ago, there was nothing but the rocky remains of a sandstone and granite kraal that had stood there since the 1800s.  Among the towering trees and rolling green and rocky vistas, he envisioned Tonglen to be a place that others could come for healing, a place to be present in the now.

Off the grid experience into nature



Tonglen encourages guests & retreat participants to move your body in one form or another. Whether it gentle walks through the mountain or yoga performed in the grass of the Dharma Centre. Movement creates energy flow and that is the ethos of our farm, to find your flow and equanimity. 


Our Tonglen farm is completely off the grid and

self-sustained. We believe in not having to rely on the exterior sources and believe in keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible on this land. 


How do we manage this:


  • We run on lister generators for electricity 

  • Paraffin lamps for light in the evenings

  • Wood fire geysers to heat water for showers

  • Gas for stoves & fridge/freezers


 Everything we do and practice is governed by awareness of how to use the the land we are on  in the most dignified manner and the way in how we represent all of the difference facets of spirit and self. Be it through art work, sculptures or flowers, everything is placed to open your senses and stretch your perception of life and this magnificent Earth we live on. 

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30km between Dullstroom & Lydenberg
Mpumalanga, South Africa

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+27 82 854 5707

Office Hours

Mon - Fri

8:00 am – 5:00 pm

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