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Tonglen is a most magical space to hold a myraid of different types of retreats & events for any gathering. Below is a lovely outline about what to expect and covers most aspects of the functionality of our mountain retreat. 

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Up & coming retreat in November 2023

Plant Medicine 

Antony Tarboton, owner of Tonglen Retreat is hosting a plant medicine retreat up on the mountain.

Previous Retreats

Sacred Femanine with Gogo Sophia

Facilitator & Guest Information

Tonglen has an abundance of spaces to accommodate your specific retreat requirements & the comfort available for your guests feel like home away from home. 

Please make sure to read the important information below about the property & what we mean by being "off grid". 

Important Information 


A 4x4 is needed to drive up to the farm and takes approximately 40 minutes. It is a rough drive yet stunning drive- we encourage you to embrace this as part of the fun and adventure, and enjoy the view along the way.


Our Tonglen shuttle can be arranged in advance allowing  8 guests at a time with a trailer. R500 per round trip, upon arrival and departure.


Tonglen highly suggests scheduling your attendees in groups when meeting the shuttle at our parking area. The best idea is to use a place in Dullstroom to meet and then have two groups two hours apart as to not create any issues for your guests.

Secured parking is R50 per car for the weekend should you make use of the parking area. Please make sure to pay this to Shadrack in cash, the man who is watching the cars at the parking section upon arrival.


There is no electricity on the property. We run a lister engine that provides lights and plug points to charge cell phones from 8 – 10 am and from 7 – 9 pm. If you have a battery pack please bring it along, as you’ll want to take lots of photos of the beautiful property.


Please encourage your guests to bring power banks to the farm with them, this will save some people unnecessary aggravations

Water & Waste

Showers are heated by donkeys (a fire-heated geyser.) The donkeys will be heated at a specific time for you to have a hot shower.

Please be mindful of the fact that this is a pristine and remote location, and all garbage has to be removed by the staff. Reduce your waste where possible.

Wifi & Cell Phones

We do not provide Wi-Fi but there is cellular reception in some areas of the farm where a dongle will work to connect you to the Internet. You can log on anytime to check in with family, friends and work but we recommend using your retreat as a chance to un-plug.

Download apps such as “What’s App” and “Skype” prior to arrival for free international calling and texting over Wi-Fi. Keep your cell phone on airplane mode with Wi-Fi on to avoid expensive international charges. We do have a telephone to make and receive emergency calls. Please make sure to bring a power bank as there is limited electricity in allocated areas.

Vodacom network is stronger than MTN. Please advise your guests that signal might be strong or weaker in certain areas of the farm.

Food Options & Catering Facilities

​The centre is a self-catering venue.

If requested a chef can be arranged for the period of your stay.


The centre has a fully functional communal kitchen, which is stocked with all basic cooking and serving equipment.

Booking your retreat

Once invoice is sent: 


50% immediate deposit due to secure your retreat booking dates 


30 days prior to retreat booking the remainder payment 50% due



Previous Retreats

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