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The Dharma Centre

The Foundation space where we commune 

Your Purpose

There is no stone unturned or bare place left unmarked in the confines of the Dharma Centre. "Dharma", being your purpose, in sanskrit is well named for this space. 

Whether being used to commune with friends by the fire place, the Dharma centre represents many of the greatest traditions from the beginning of time. 


Accented with influences from around the world, the diversity of art & textures allows one to adorn in the  ever changing ebb and flow of life and expressions of the world beyond our reach. 

The Fine Details

The Dharma Centre is surrounded by the adjacent or connected areas that supports the needs of its guests without having to walk to your accommodation.  


Other sections within or nearby the Dharma: 

Dharma Workshop - for practice

Dharma Kitchen - to drink tea & eat delicious meals

Dharma Bathrooms - two nearby 

Dharma office & study 


Workshop Space

The Dharma workshop space is designed to encapsulate whichever modality of spirituality or physical foundation you choose to practice during your stay at Tonglen.


Filled with pillows, open floor, lantern chandeliers and a magnificent fireplace, this is the workshop space of your dreams. A little cold during winter so make sure to come prepared. 

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