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Tonglen Mountain Retreat

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Tonglen Retreat Centre is situated just outside of Dullstroom. It is a rustic venue with all of the necessary luxuries but none of the frills that distract us. This venue was lovingly hand-built over a period of 20 years by the owner, and this care and attention to detail is evident in the unique accommodation


What Makes Us Unique 

Our philosophy is to give people the space to heal in which ever manner they seek to utilise. Our remote off the grid location is the perfect space to create & hold the energy of your specific retreat.  Utilising our Dharma Centre situated uniquely on top of a mountain, the privacy and immersion into nature is the true essence of Tonglen.

When clinical psychologist Antony Tarboton bought this beautiful remote piece of land in the middle of nowhere 20 years ago, there was nothing but the rocky remains of a sandstone and granite kraal that had stood there since the 1800s.  Among the towering trees and rolling green and rocky vistas, he envisioned Tonglen to be a place that others could come for healing, a place to be present in the now.


This Is Tonglen.

Image by: Shem Compion

Dharma Centre

The Dharma Centre is the space that holds our practices of healing and connecting. Whether it be yoga, breath-work, healing ceremonies, the spaces within its walls caters to all. 

Workshop Space


Our Accommodation

Tonglen can accommodate maximum 13 people 

Please see our property guidelines  & facilitator guidelines under Retreats

Retreat Rates

Apply to faciliators/event companies that wish to host at our venue space 

  • 3 nights stay or longer

  • Minimum 8 attendees - maximum 13 including facilitators & chefs

Please contact us directly to discuss rates & options on how to offer our space to your  retreat. 

Shem Compion Photography



R1400 per Khaya per night @ 4 Khayas 


Khaya Setup 

Crow Room: 1 x dbl bed - 1 x single bed

Blue Crane Room: 1 x dbl bed - 1 x single bed

Koi Room: 2 x single beds

Fir Tree Room: 2 x single beds

Each Khaya has a bathroom with wood fire heated shower "donkey"

The Khaya's are a stones throw away from a the communal Dharma Centre & Dharma Kitchen 

Shem Compion Photography



  • R3600 per night

  • R2200(couples getaway - main bedroom only)

  • There is a double bed and four singles, allowing six people to be accommodated.

Includes a kitchen, bathroom with gas-heated bath and outdoor wood fired donkey-heated shower.



Accommodation Space

We offer you the space to use as needed


Self-catering venue, catering can be arranged if required

Daily Housekeeping


For R250 a day, We have a cleaner that will do all cleaning required.





Dharma Centre


Use the spacious Dharma Centre for relaxation and meditation

Hikes & Trail Running

Hike alongside steep drops or down into a secluded high-walled valley



Meditative labyrinth walks in the beautifully designed labyrinth on the edge of the cliff facing the eastern sunrise

Ancient Ruins


Enjoy magical hikes between ancient ruins that will give you chills



Make use of our magical fire-boma on chilly nights or any other uses that you may require from it


Important information

  • A 4x4 is needed to drive up to the farm and takes approximately 45 minutes. It is a rough drive - we encourage you to embrace this as part of the fun and adventure, and enjoy the view along the way. There is a 4x4 shuttle available for retreats, it can take 8 guests at a time.

  • There is no electricity on the property. We run a lister engine that provides lights and plug points to charge cell phones                from 8 – 10 am and from  sunset– 9 pm in the Khayas & Dharma Centre only. If you have a battery pack please bring it along, as you’ll want to take lots of photos of the beautiful property.

  • Showers are heated by donkeys (a wood fire-heated geyser.) The donkeys will be heated at prearranged times for guests to have a hot shower.

  • Please be mindful of the fact that this is a pristine and remote location, and all garbage has to be removed by the staff.

  • Reduce your waste where possible.

Tonglen is a very special place and we would love for you to experience it in all its beauty - unplug from the pace of your daily life, switch off from the constant connection to social media and embrace the close-to-nature ethos of Tonglen.


Travelling To Tonglen

Regarding Directions & Travel

  • 4x4 vehicles only 

  • A location pin will be provided

  • The drive from Johannesburg is about 3.5 to 4 hours, depending on speed and traffic.

From the bottom of the hill to the retreat centre is a 7km drive up the hill. It can only be driven by a 4x4 vehicle and takes about 30min

Extra Information

Extra Information

Food options and Cooking Facility

  • The centre is a self-catering venue.

  • If requested a chef can be arranged for the period of your stay.

  • The centre has a fully functional communal kitchen, which is stocked with all basic cooking and serving equipment.


Use of Paraffin Lamps and Candles

  • When paraffin lamps are lit, the wick must be kept low (especially when left unattended).

  • Candles must always be blown out when leaving the room in order to prevent fires.

  • A demonstration will be given as to how to use the paraffin lamps upon arrival.

Regarding the Environment

  • The region is experiencing a drought, so guests are asked to please use water sparingly.

  • Tonglen Retreat Centre is an eco-friendly environment, so waste is to be kept to a minimum.

  • The area can be very windy, so windows must be hooked at all times


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